For PPR flights which are to be made after the end of the oper­at­ing peri­od of the cur­rent day or before the begin­ning of the oper­at­ing peri­od of the fol­low­ing day, an appli­ca­tion through the user is request­ed at the air­field oper­a­tor no lat­er than one hour before the end of the pre­vi­ous oper­at­ing period.

It is at the dis­cre­tion of the air­field oper­a­tor to allow the PPR application.


You can also request oth­er ser­vices via the air­port administration.


Phone: +49 36920 80892
Fax.: +49 36920 709943
Mail: info@flugplatz-eisenach.de
Web: www.flugplatz-eisenach.de

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    in tower at airfield Kindel
    in tower at airfield Kindel