Notes on DAEC youth camps.

From 05.08.2019 to 10.08.2019 the DAEC Youth Camp will take place at the airfield Eisenach- Kindel with the following air sports activities:
Glider tow;
balloon launch;
balloon glow;
• airplane airplane sightseeing flights;
• Model airplane;

We ask for increased atten­tion. Please also note the rel­e­vant instruc­tions from the flight man­ag­er.

Changing of opening hours from January 23, 2017

During the legal summertile — SUM:

Mon – Fri   06 am until 06 pm UTC
Sat, Sun, HOL 07 am until 06 pm UTC

Oth­er times / OT- PPR


During the legal wintertime – WIN:

Mon –SUN     07 am until SS+30

Oth­er times / OT- PPR